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Polyurethane wheels are available in various centres; tyres are bonded to nylon, aluminium alloy and cast iron. Tyres are bonded at 95 shore hardness which gives the polyurethane type of wheel a higher carrying capacity. The wheels come with different bearing configurations, namely plain bore and ball bearing. We stock various sizes from the pallet jack rollers and the normal wheels range from 50mm to 400mm diameter. Carrying capacities vary from 50kg to 4000kg per wheel.


Rubber wheels are available in different types of centres mainly nylon and aluminium centre. The rubber wheel carrying capacity is a lot less than polyurethane. The tyre is bonded at about 85 shore hardness which gives it a quieter ride as well. Diameters are available from 50mm to 250mm. Carrying capacities vary from 40kg to 400kg per wheel. These wheels come with no bearing, roller bearing or ball bearing.


Nylon wheels are available from 50mm to 200mm. Capacities vary from 50kg to 500kg. Also available in the nylon range are the load rollers for pallet jacks. The phenolic wheel range is a heat resistant wheel ideal for ovens and provers. This wheel is available in 100mm & 125mm. They can take temperatures from 120 degrees Celcius to 230 degrees Celcius.


Cast iron wheels are manufactured from hi-density casting only. Sizes available from 50mm to 250mm. This type of wheel has a high carrying capacity starting at 50kg and going to 1400kg. Available in this cast iron range is a range of V-grooved wheels starting at 75mm and going to 200mm. This wheel is ideal for running on tracks. Cast iron wheels also have a higher temperature range than your normal rubber and polyurethane wheels. Cast iron wheels come fitted with sealed ball bearings.


We stock a full range of solid rubber and split disc centred wheels. The split disc centred wheels are available with either a solid rubber tyre or a pneumatic tyre. The solid rubber wheel is available from 100mm to 350mm in diameter. The split disc centres with solid rubber tyres are available from a 150 mm diameter to a 400 mm diameter. The split disc centre with pneumatic tyres are available in 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 400mm diameter. These wheels are available in the plain bore, roller bearing and ball bearings.